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Foot zone therapy of England method

An althernative medicine method of treatment involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques Gentle care for under the knees with the special blend aroma oil. 

*Rate is tax exclusive

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1.Petit Reflexology: 3,500 JPY / 30 minutes

2.Regular Reflexology: 6,500 JPY / 60 minutes

Stimulation of a pressure the points at the sole and the aroma massage below the knee.


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3. Facial: 8,000 JPY / 60 minutes

Creat an even skin texture by cleansing oil, massage and face mask.

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4. Special Facial: 10,000 JPY / 60 minutes

Facial massage by hands.

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5. Anti aging Facial "珀" (HAKU): 12,000 JPY / 60 minutes

Japanese Method.

Moisturize by using Japanese cosmetics which includes Gamma linolenic acid


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6. Hand Treatment: 3,500 JPY / 30  minutes

Soften your hand, slough off dead skin cells, oil treatment and paraffin wax pack.

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7. Leg oil massage: 4,500 JPY / 30 minutes

From toe to thigh with our special aroma oil

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8. Back Oil Massage: 4,500 JPY / 30 minutes

Back includes your shoulder with our special aroma oil.

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9. Head Pressure Therapy: 4,500 JPY / 30 minutes

Press the line of the meridian of the head and the decollete massage with our special aroma oil.

*Come after drying hair before a surgical operation.

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10. The Whole Body Oil Massage: 9,000 JPY / 60 minutes

We will heal your legs, back, arms and the decollete with our special aroma oil.

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11. Lymph Treatment Massage "環" (MEGURI): 12,000 JPY / 60 minutes; 15,500 JPY / 90 minutes (Including mini-reflexology)

The whole body massage with our special aroma oil.


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12. The Whole Body & Facial Massage: 15,500 JPY / 90minutes

We will heal your legs, back and arms with our special aroma oil and also the facial cleansing, massage and facial mask.

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13. Special Body & Facial "奏" (SOU): 29,000 JPY / 120 minutes

Japanese Method

Lymph treatment including reflexology, head, decollete massage and version-up-pack.


You can add these options while you are taking another main course.

14. Version-up-Pack for Facial: 2,000 JPY

15. Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment Pack: 1,600 JPY


Indicated time includes our explanation and your changing of clothes.

Before coming to the salon, we suggest you take off your makeup.

For the expecting mothers and nersing mothers, we suggest not take the massage due to the dalicate condition of your body.

Thank you for your cooperation.