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SUSHI-CHO, a Japanese sushi restaurant located in Kachoan 1F

'The Hida beef sushi' is one of the most featured sushi of those 'Must Try' lists in SUSHI-CHO, the chef uses salt that made from scrach by boiling down seawater, and the tasty Hida Beef sushi is one of the most recommended ones.

Other than that, there are various sushi dishes that you must try such as unique rock moss sushi, juicy thick fleshy mushroom sushi, red turnip sushi and other sushi made of seasonal ingredients.

There are also many guests visit the property to try rare GLASS SHRIMP sushi.For the sushi dish, you may call room service, or enjoy as dinner at the sushi reastaurant SUSHI-CHO. Please contact us in advance if you want to have dinner at the SUSHI-CHO.

Guests can change their dinner menu to Sushi in advance


  • Please contact the property in advance, or leave a note while you process your reservation in the commment box as a special request.