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Enjoy traditional Japanese course cuisine - KAISEKI

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Graded up course cuisine that most popular in Kachoan!

~Honjin Hiranoya KACHOAN relaxing stay~

Getting into entrance door of our hotel you will hear loud drum sound which means WELCOME!!
Japanese traditional atmosphere makes you relaxed and feels like your home.

Delicious meals and Pure hot springs make you relax.

<Special offer>
It will provide a yukata rental of ordinary 1080 yen for free.


Small dishes all together for best Japanese course cuisine KAISEKI.
Recommended for the guests who want to try all recommended dishes in Hida area at one time.
Using good quality ingredients to cook really Oishii (delicious) meal, and those tasty small dishes will be provided in order.
And when you are having these tasty small dishes, you will understand how much efforts that the head chef and the hostess put to make sure you enjoy your meal, as there is no compromise as much as stubborn when they select every single best ingredient.The menu changes monthly.
Additionally we are trying to give seasonal menu everyday.
There are over 10 plates, of course with Hida beef!! Enjoy the traditional Japanese meal.
It is fun if you mention to Japanese plates.

You can choose Japanese or Western style breakfast.

Japanese: Rice, Miso-soup, Japanese omelet, and Hoba-miso that is famous in Takayama which is grilled soy bean’s paste on leaf.

Western: Bread, soup, salad, yogurt, fruit, and Hot marinade with fresh vegetable

<2 kinds of bathroom for men 3 kinds of bathroom for ladies>

KACHOAN…there is men’s and lady’s public bathroom on first floor.

BEKKAN……there is men’s and lady’s public bathroom on seventh floor open-air bath only for men.

RELAX KURA……..The unique Japanese bathroom which is only for lady’s is surrounded by white wall.

It is in old Japanese ground storage and it is made by rock
There is esthetic room and Yukata room (Japanese traditional cloth) at second floor.
We have over 800 colorful Yukata at the room.

~Let’s enjoy Takayama!!

Within 15min walk. access to every famous spots which are old town red bridge and morning market.
Also we can give you a ride between our hotel and the train station whenever you want.
Please tell us exactly when you need the ride. We get a car for you.


Breakfast and dinner included

Enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisine with Hida beef in a cozy private room at Restaurant AKEBONO

Japanese or Western style breakfast is available in the restaurant AKEBONO.

14:00 - 18:00 (If you will arrive late please tell us in advance.)


Payment method
Credit settlement on the web site

- Check which room types are available by clicking HERE