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How to take a Japanese style bath


1. Wash your body before entering the bath.
You must wash yourself and rinse thoroughly before entering the bath.
Please sit down on the chair and shower thoroughly in the washing space otherwise you may upset others.

2. Do Kakeyu, rise your body with hot water.
Kakeyu is like a warm-up for Onsen to get used the water from the tip of your body (feet & hands → legs & arms → body → head). Getting your head wet before entering the hot bath is important especially during the cold water.

3. Do Hanshin-yoku, soak half of your body.
Slip into the bath carefully up to your waist and get used to the water temperature. Hanshin-yoku is recommended if you have problem with heart or lungs. Relax and stay quiet while bathing.

4. Try Zenshin-yoku, soak up to your shoulders.
Soak up to your shoulders to do Zenshin-Yoku after Hanshin-yoku.
You can put your head on the edge of the bathtub and let the rest of your body float to feel the buoyancy. Also, moving your hands and feet in the water helps your blood circulation.

5. Leave the bath without rinsing your body.
The appropriate timing to get out is when you have sweat on your forehead. Leaving the minerals of the Onsen water on your body is healthy and not rinsing means that you won't feel chilly after the bath. If you have sensitive skin, you can of course rinse off.